I thought you might want to know why I would be willing to risk your life for several small machines. 

I think I understand the predicament you were in. It could not have been an easy choice. 

No, sir, it was not.





Okay my mom shared this and I am so glad because it cracked me up. GENIUS.

a thing for em!!!

everyone you will not regret watching this

OMG just watch it.

You're not big on the new adaptions? I admit, the Abrams films just sort of make me crave the original series. Now, I am curious as to what your thoughts are about the new movies!

I enjoy the new movies. They’re fun to watch. But they mostly just feel like action movies. I don’t think they stayed true to the spirit of Star Trek. It kind of feels like they missed the point.



Karl Doing The Thing (7-8/)

New “Star Trek” is not really Star Trek. Except maybe Karl. He feels the most like real Star Trek.



isn’t sass an emotional response?

Sass is perfectly logical. It must be, considering every Vulcan in existence is sassy as fuck.


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